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An Exciting Day with The Squibbles at SCOPE Art Show

By The Squibbles®

Hey kids! I recently had an amazing trip to the SCOPE Art Show in Miami Beach for Art Basel, and I met some incredible individuals in the Automatic Magic room. There, I met Hiceecee.eth and Coinlaundrynft, who were working with Magic Eden, Spatial IO, and Polygon. They were showing off all the cool things that…

How to feel excited in one new trailer!

By The Squibbles®

BLOG ENTRY by JAY STANSFIELD: It’s been 7 months as of this post. Near the start of 2022 the concept, story and drive to create The Squibbles® Show for kids across the world was ready. A way to fund it was not. So I set to creating a whole collection of 3D versions of the…

Parenting in the NFT Space

By The Squibbles®

Parenting in the NFT Space How many times have you spoken to your children about NFTs, in the last two weeks?  Once? Twice? Is it a daily activity? Do you even know what NFTs are? This post assumes you know what they are but if you don’t, then you may learn something today. Every day…