An Exciting Day with The Squibbles at SCOPE Art Show

By The Squibbles®
A crocheted yellow character on Miami beach

Hey kids! I recently had an amazing trip to the SCOPE Art Show in Miami Beach for Art Basel, and I met some incredible individuals in the Automatic Magic room. There, I met Hiceecee.eth and Coinlaundrynft, who were working with Magic Eden, Spatial IO, and Polygon. They were showing off all the cool things that are possible with Web 3.0.

A lady snuggling a yellow-headed crocheted teddy
CeeCee whistling a song to me at SCOPE

While I was there, I had the honor of snuggling with a kind representative from St. Jude and getting the chance to see some amazing AR artwork come to life. It was truly a memorable experience.

But that’s not all! After a fun day at the beach building sandcastles and swimming in the sea, I went back inside the art show. Just in time, too, because a big storm came and started flooding the gallery! Luckily, everyone stayed dry and no boats were needed.

There were some truly talented and creative artists at the show, from all around the world. I even got to meet Jake Steinerman from Spatial IO, who gave me a snuggle and we took a photo together. I also visited the Coinlaundry to wash some of my clothes, saw some cool spaceman teapot heads, and checked out some wacky artwork by Ron English outside.

It was such an exciting adventure! Do you have any favorite people in your life? Share their names in the comments and let them know how much they mean to you. And don’t forget to share the most exciting adventure you’ve been on!

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