A collaboration between The Squibbles® and 5 young artists.
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Welcome to the collecting page for Squiblets! This is a global collaboration between The Squibbles® and five AMAZING young artists from across the world.

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What happens when you bring together fantastic artists from around the globe for a collaborative project? You get a mix of experience, inspiration, and artistic diversity.


These aren’t just any artists; they’re some of the best young talents making waves in the Web3 world. The Squibbles are excited to work with them on a brand-new generative art project, Squiblets.


If you’re not sure what generative art is, it’s a collection of randomly generated images. These images are built up from multiple layers, all assembled using a specialised script. For Squiblets, we used a script created by HashLips, who has been a generous contributor to the generative art community for years.




For this project, all the layers were initially crafted in Procreate on the iPad. They were then exported for use in Photoshop, where the script generated over 500 unique images, or Squiblets.


What makes this project extra special is the addition of art layers from each participating artist. Throughout the collection, you’ll find Squiblets holding pieces of art created by these young artists. Some of the backgrounds also feature their artwork.


In addition, the contract for this project was created using Thirdweb, a simple and intuitive way to create blockchain contracts for those unfamiliar with coding. This approach ensures the project is equitable and beneficial for all parties involved.

Jack Tuber: 

Jack is a young artist who loves to create characters, experiment with colors, animate, and use AI. Jack has several NFT collections on Opensea, Objktcom, and VoiceHQ and has been a speaker at numerous NFT events. Jack is 8 years old and has been creating NFTs since he was only 6.


Teresa Melvin:

Teresa is not only an artist but also an influencer in the art and NFT space. She founded and hosts “Art n’ Chat,” a YouTube live series that highlights artists globally. Her art has been spotlighted at a range of prestigious events such as NFT NYC in both 2022 and 2023, Make a Wish Foundation International, Flower Girls NFT, and MissOCoolGirls.


She has also exhibited her works at multiple venues, including Blockchain Summit London, Art Basel Miami 2021, Dubai Expo 2021, SuperMint NFT LA 2022, and NFT Bali. Besides her artistic endeavours, Teresa is an in-demand speaker. She has shared her expertise at several international NFT conferences like Adobe, NFT NYC for both years 2022 and 2023, NFT London 2022, NFT VIP 2022, Miami NFT Week, NFT Expoverse LA, San Diego NFT Conference, and Crypto Connect Florida.


Guided by her mission of daily learning and sharing, Teresa has become a pivotal figure in the art and NFT communities.



Rosewolf, a young female artist with profound dyslexia and ADHD, has turned to art as a sanctuary from the challenges of mainstream education. 


Passionate about nature and animals, her inaugural NFT collection, Duchess the Dachshund,” was well-received. She actively swaps pieces with other young artists, curating a diverse NFT portfolio that she features in NFT Kids Magazine.

Her second NFT collection, inspired by her real-life dog Milly, sold out in just one hour. Continuing to use art to advocate for neurodiversity, Rosewolf’s third collection celebrates dyslexia as a superpower, further cementing her influence in the NFT art world.



Anastasia, a 13-year-old NFT artist, has been drawing since she was six, dedicating up to 6 hours daily to create art through multiple mediums. She’s won several art awards, held solo exhibitions, and even sold her art for charitable causes from a young age.


At nine, Anastasia’s art already had a broad impact. She created a live sketch in front of her school and sold artwork to help children in need and support wildlife in Australia. These experiences deepened her belief in art’s power for positive change.


In February 2022, she entered the NFT world, launching her brand, Soapy Dogs, focusing on her love for animals. By June 2022, Anastasia embarked on a more ambitious project called Soapy Dad, a generative NFT collection she crafted entirely by herself. This collection, which celebrates the essence of family, has been a huge success, with over 1000 pieces minted.


From the moment she joined the NFT space her artwork was showcased on billboards in Time Square NYC, she was featured by various exhibitions – NFT NYC 2022 & NFT NYC 2023, Canvas Gallery in WTC, NYC, Stratosphere, NYC, TED Youth in Munich, Germany,  Beijing exhibition, China, IVS 2023 KYOTO, Japan, NFT Bali 2023, ArtPacks Supernova 2023, FlowerGirl Drawing Inspirations, Most inspiring Girl of web3 2022 and 2023 by UnstoppableWOW3 & Miss0coolGirls and more.


Rainbow Mosho:

Rainbow Mosho, born in Athens, Greece in 2008, is a multi-talented teen artist, author, entrepreneur, and reporter from Tennessee. 


Diagnosed with autism at 30 months following a massive regression, Rainbow has navigated the challenges of her condition through art. With the support of her mother, Yadira Calderon, Rainbow created the COVID19 Art series in 2020, which explores family love, life and death, PTSD, and more.


Her artwork has been globally exhibited, with shows in Tennessee, New York, California, Florida, and Japan. Some of her notable projects include art on bicycles for Nashville BCycle in collaboration with Nashville Public Library, participation in the TEENS Take the Frist Exhibit, and being part of an author’s panel at Hendersonville Public Library.


She’s also involved in various exhibits and events such as Artful Autism Gala in Oregon, 100 Taylor Arts Market in Nashville, The Autism Museum at Focal Point Gallery NYC, and the Antikythera Art Exhibit at Customs House Museum.


Rainbow has won several accolades, including being one of the five winners in the Flower Girls Art contest and earning third prize in the Fly Your Flag contest. As a speaker, she has been featured in the MAYO Clinic EverybodyIN Series, Tennessee Pathfinder’s For the Love of Advocacy, and the Unicorn Foundation’s Entrepreneurship Conference, among others. ABC Nashville honoured her as the Artist of the Week in January 2022.


Her art was even featured on a space suit exhibited at the global COP26 conference. In addition to her art, Rainbow is also an author with multiple book readings at the Hendersonville Public Library and a solo exhibit titled “Art of the Human Spirit” at Justo Love Coffee in Tennessee. 


Through her various creative outlets, Rainbow Mosho has not only become a remarkable artist but also a compelling advocate for neurodiversity and an emerging force in the global art scene.


Jay Stansfield:

Jay Stansfield is a Young Person’s Champion and also a multifaceted creative artist and entrepreneur from Colne, Lancashire, UK. 


He is the founder of The Squibbles®, a children’s brand gaining traction on the blockchain and soon to be an animated series. 


A key player in the digital arts arena, Jay is also a top 50 3D creator on Metamundo and a member of the Polygon Alliance, aiming to make the digital space safer for young artists. He’s extended his reach to include virtual 3D space ‘Tuber World,’ designed to showcase young talent in the Web 3.0 environment.


Starting his entrepreneurial journey in 2020 with an award-winning children’s colouring book ‘Squibbles’, Jay has since published five children’s books and built a global fan base for The Squibbles®. He is also a seasoned freelance video editor, having worked with well-known brands like Dr Martens and Samsung.


Jay has a wealth of experience in children’s education as a Creative Computing Specialist, using innovative methods like VR and multiplayer LAN gaming for learning. In the charitable realm, Jay has donated books to families and children in need through Homestart, and also provided a thousand copies of his book ‘Squibbles’ to Bookmark Reading for children fleeing Ukraine, even illustrating the charity box lids. 


In addition to his achievements in art and entrepreneurship, Jay has a rich music career that spans almost three decades. He’s played with notable artists and bands, appeared multiple times on the BBC, and written a top-charting song on Amazon Music. Overall, Jay Stansfield is a dynamic individual whose work spans various creative sectors, from digital art and literature to music and philanthropy.


Conclusion: A Masterpiece of Collective Genius

Squiblets is more than just a generative art project; it’s a showcase of young talent and artistic diversity. It stands as a testament to the boundless possibilities offered by Web 3.0, and we can’t wait for the world to witness this burst of creativity.