Colin’s Adventures in Miami: Pool Party!

By The Squibbles®
Crocheted Colin Squibbles with his friend Anna Skates

After landing in Miami, I went off to a pool party at @surfcomberhotel hosted by to see some cool things being displayed by including Jay Stansfield’s ‘Maisy’ character from The Squibbles®! We’re so proud of him here in Squibblesville.

A crocheted yellow teddy called Colin at a pool party in Miami
Colin loving a pool party

The music was fabulous! I love music. It was being played by @boysclub.eth and they were fantastic and while I was there, I met @anna_skates who runs Every Little Step!

Here’s what Anna says about their amazing initiative:

“Every Little Step is a web3 campaign aimed at providing real world solutions for issues of accessibility for kids in public spaces. Most of our world is designed for use by adults which means kids are often not even considered when we’re developing and building facilities.
We want to change that. We want to bring to light the understanding that kids are people who deserve accessibility just as much as anyone else. We are doing that one little step (literally) at a time.”

Anna Skates does a lot of amazing things for kids, has a huge heart full of rainbows and I was so happy when I got a snuggle.

Who’s your favourite artist or musician? Tag them in the comments and say why you love them!