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🌟 Get ready for a rollercoaster of fun and excitement that the whole family can enjoy! 🎢 Our collection of dazzling colouring books, thrilling storybooks, and immersive books with interactive Digibles are here to transport you into the spectacular world of Web 3.0! 🌐

🏆 Our very own Squibbles has been hailed as one of the best colouring books for kids by IndyBest in 2021, proving we’ve got just the right dose of magic and adventure for everyone! 🌈

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The Squibbles® are here to infuse your world with an abundance of joy and love. Immerse yourself in captivating illustrations, lively colouring pages, and personalised Squibbles Hugs that will leave your heart warm and content.

Allow the magical charm of the Squibbles to fill your life with warmth, love, joy, fun, and happiness. Embrace the delightful Squibbles experience and let your spirits soar!

digital collectibles

The Squibbles® are coming to life as an exciting animated TV show, and we’re using digital collectibles to fund the production and open up new ways to interact with the characters, episodes, and The Squibbles® World.

Join us on this magical journey and be part of the excitement!



Spatial - Squibblesville
Spatial Gallery - Tyger Pawz
Spatial - The Squibbles® Maths Adventure
Spatial - The Squibbles Gallery
THE SQUIBBLES® Interactive Gallery and Shop


The Squibbles® TV Show is in production! Do you want to join in? Be part of the team?? These digital collectibles not only give you access to a whole new world of benefits in Web 3.0, but they also give you a say in the production of the show and how it’s going to go including the content, which could include your artwork!

With our Digibles, you and your family can be part of the Squibbles® TV Show experience and make it even more special. Get your collection today and join in!

The Squibbles® 3D Collection

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We would absolutely love you to join us on our adventures, colour in our pages but most of all get involved in our community. Whether it’s coming into your school to read The Squibbles, do some cool drawing and create virtual galleries or just coming and saying hello on Twitter, you are always welcome.

Customers reviews

What do the Squiblets say?

Bought for myself and daughter. The characters are so fun and we can do our own doodles and write messages for eachother too. Really recommend if you have a child with a big imagination!
Stefff Laurie
Amazon Customer
Each Squibble possesses a unique personality, expressed through meticulously designed shapes and colours, demonstrating a deep understanding of visual narratives. I personally have some of his works and suggest others pick some up as well.
Parent & Artist
We love the Squibbles. My 5 year old thinks it's "awesome" and especially loves Barry and his pants! Giggles her head off with every read and is starting to recite the whole thing. Colourful, silly, lovable characters that everyone will adore. Can't wait for the next installment.
Samantha Monoyou
Amazon Customer


The Squibbles® is a children's brand created by UK artist and entrepreneur Jay Stansfield. It includes colouring books and story books such as the IndyBest Top 10 colouring book Squibbles plus Meet The Squibbles, Squibbles 2, Tyger Pawz and Squiblets.

The Squibbles® have become cherished characters for children everywhere and the series is now being adapted into a 3D animated kids show, with part of the funding coming from the sale of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or as we like to call them - Digibles -  on the blockchain.

This innovative approach allows fans to not only enjoy the show, but also to be directly involved in the Squibbles® World in new and exciting ways.