How to feel excited in one new trailer!

By The Squibbles®


It’s been 7 months as of this post. Near the start of 2022 the concept, story and drive to create The Squibbles® Show for kids across the world was ready. A way to fund it was not.

So I set to creating a whole collection of 3D versions of the Squibbles characters from Meet The Squibbles, using some new software called Nomad Sculpt. They looked fantastic and so I decided to create three tiers of collectibles, to fund the production of the show.

It’s not uncommon to fund projects this way, using the blockchain, but it was an unpredictable and pretty much untapped way of funding an actual show for kids and so I was obviously nervous.

Around the same time my friend Dave Officer, who is a beautiful human being and ridiculously talented designer, recommended Carlo Santoriello to me.

He knew I was looking for someone to animate the characters in 3D and that’s how we met. Carlo is beyond expectations for me and I’m so glad we met because his work and speed are mind boggling. Please follow this link to check out his website.

It wasn’t too long before a couple of the NFTs sold, we had two new people onboard and I could pay Carlo his fee to begin working on the project. It wasn’t too much later I discovered a post by Amanda Vogler in a Nomad sculpting Facebook group and just had to have her on the Squibbles Team. Her work is beautiful and so fitting for everything we’re aiming for. Not only that, we now had a team composed of the UK, Spain and Sweden.

It’s been a rollercoaster so far. I needed a narrator, someone distinctive and wonderful, for the pilot episode. I contacted Stephen Fry’s agents because I couldn’t think of any other more fitting voice for The Squibbles®. They asked him. He liked it. We were ready to go ahead… and at the last minute hi American agents signed him to an exclusive voiceover deal and it all fell through.

I’ll be honest with you now, it took me a while to get over that one.

I’m not giving up though and will keep him up-to-date on the progress, even if he can’t be directly involved because knowing the kind of person he is, it will have upset him (probably) to let us down at such last minute. The next possibility is Ian McKellen, so keep your wizard potions and magic primed for that one!

As an avid user of the Metaverse and 3D World platform, we’ve decided to coincide the premiere with an event in a space designed by Amanda. It looks gorgeous, it’s fantastic in VR and can hold up to 50 people. Watching a Premiere in this way, will really create a sense of togetherness and make it feel much more like a party.

If you haven’t experienced this yet, you can visit on your phone, tablet, VR headset or your computer! Just follow this link to join and if you’re there for the premiere, even better.

There isn’t much more to say about this other than I hope this has given you enough heart fuel and enthusiasm to get involved in the project.

Ultimately, this is for the kids of the world. It will be teaching them to draw, teaching them how to look after themselves, what morals are, kindness, love, thoughtfulness, care. All the power tools we need as human beings growing up in this crazy world of choices, opportunities and vast amounts of information, are at our disposal and it’s up to us to show the children how best to use them.

The Squibbles® Show will have 12 episodes featuring 12 characters from Meet The Squibbles and is actively looking to be funded.

You can help to keep the boat floating by visiting the following places and purchasing a Squibble. will allow you to spend in Dollars:




For now, though, the pilot is underway and will feature Colin. Here’s a picture of a crocheted version of him, kindly made by my beautiful Mum, who is a crochet sensei.

Thanks for supporting Independent business and humans creating things to make the world a better place. – Jay xx