Parenting in the NFT Space

How many times have you spoken to your children about NFTs, in the last two weeks? 

Once? Twice? Is it a daily activity? Do you even know what NFTs are?

This post assumes you know what they are but if you don’t, then you may learn something today. Every day is a learning day in the wacky world of NFTs!

The image above was inspired by a young NFT artist going by the name Jacktuber and he’s a regular visitor with his parents, to a daily Twitter Space that I run Tuesday to Friyay from 12pm GMT.

During each session we’ll discuss a topic and then have an art prompt. An Ape Wearing Double Denim was suggested and here we are. 

The art is below. Amazing.

The reason I’m saying all this, is it wouldn’t even exist without NFTs. We’ve met and come together because of a shared interest in selling digital art, creating digital art, collecting digital art… in the form of NFTs.

Now when it comes to being a parent, I’m a Dad of two girls, it’s important to remember if we’re talking about NFTs a lot, it’s going to peak their interest. It’s inevitable.

Being able to sell our children’s work and make money, well that’s never been possible before in Web 2.0 (the web before NFTs and Crypto) unless you were trying to sell nothing but an image which would never have worked.

NFTs have unlocked a new future for our children and I’m excited to see where they take us next. – Colin from The Squibbles®