Welcome to Squibblesville Studios: Unleashing Creativity Through Animation, Colouring Books, and More!

By The Squibbles®
A collage of cute characters promoting the company Squibblesville Studios Ltd

Hello from Squibbles HQ where we LOVE unleashing creativity!

Introducing Squibblesville Studios Ltd

It’s been an incredibly exciting couple of weeks for us, as we’re thrilled to announce the formation of our official company, Squibblesville Studios Ltd. Our new venture will encompass animation, 3D modeling, book publishing, and many other engaging activities for children, including games and educational content.

The Squibbles Show: Our 3D Animated Dream

A work-in-progress scene inside Colin’s Camper

One of the primary reasons for starting our company was to attract serious investors interested in helping us produce The Squibbles 3D animated show. While the project is slowly coming together, a generous investment would bring our dream to life. We’ve been working on this show for over a year and, despite some obstacles, have made significant progress.

A snapshot back to the Premiere of the intro trailer for The Squibbles 3D Show

We’ve chosen to create the show using Unreal Engine 5, which offers the advantage of real-time rendering and adds an extra layer of interactivity, potentially turning each episode into a quest that children (and big kids!) can enjoy.

Coloring Books and Digital Collectibles

We’re also excited to announce more Squibbles coloring books on the way, including Squiblets. Our digital collectibles, or “Digibles,” are still available for purchase to help fund the production of The Squibbles Show.

Show Your Support and Share Your Creativity

Lots of people in a collage holding up their copy of Squibbles colouring book
Just a handful of Squibblers who have been creating and colouring in our book Squibbles

If you’re already a fan of The Squibbles, we’d love to see your coloring pages on social media. If you haven’t colored any of our characters yet, check out our coloring books on Amazon: Squibbles, Squibbles Two, and Squiblets. Our books are quite popular, with Squibbles receiving an award for “Top 10 Coloring Books for Creative Kids in 2021.” They’re affordable and a great way to showcase your creativity.

Meet the Team Behind Squibblesville Studios

So, keep on Squibbling, stay loving, be kind, and show respect. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Don’t forget to visit https://mybook.to/Squibbles and buy our award-winning coloring book, Squibbles!