Are you a non-fungible Hooman drinking Etherium?

Are you a non-fungible Hooman drinking Etherium?

We've jumped onto the NFT train, to see where it takes us. Have you seen the NFT train? It's been on the news, on social media, in your cup of coffee, in your sock drawer... it's all over the place!

It's picking up speed too, this Non-Fungible Train (token), and we're very excited to be on it.

If something is 'non-fungible' then that means it is unique. One-of-a-kind. Irreplaceable. Just like you. You're a Non-Fungible Hooman. A rare beauty.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT's) allow Hoomans to buy and sell ownership of digital items like drawings, videos, animations and music, on something called the Blockchain. 

When you buy or sell an NFT, it means you or the person who bought it, are the ONLY persons in the WHOLE Squibbleverse who it belongs to.

Imagine that? How cool is that??

The magic money used to do this is called Cryptocurrency. A new digital form of money. NFT's are commonly bought using a cryptocurrency called Etherium. It sounds like it comes from space doesn't it? Or maybe something you fill your spaceship with at an ETH Station on planet Bumplonk.

The most popular cryptocurrency you may have heard of is Bitcoin and that's the most valuable at the moment.

NFT's might seem expensive but because people are buying them with a different kind of money, it doesn't seem like they are expensive at all.

Five years ago, 1 ETH was the same as having $1.

Now, in 2021, having 1 ETH in your wallet is the same as having $2,355.37!

How crazy is that? We found this handy Cryptocurrency Converter to play with after hearing about this and we love it!

Do you think the symbol for Etherium also looks like a sailboat or a yacht? 

Keep dreaming about that ocean and sailing to new and exciting islands.

We hope this has been a useful introduction to the weird and wonderful new world, of what Hoomans are calling a Decentralised Economy.

This is all very important news, by the way, because our Tyger Pawz have escaped from the Squibblesville Zoo and they're running riot on Opensea!

Click here or on the image below, to see what they're doing and see if you can catch them! 

See you again soon, Squiblet!