Newsies and Plopdates

Newsies and Plopdates

Lots of exciting things have been happening here in Squibblesville and we want to share them with you, dear Squiblet!

We've got interviews, book reviews, a new virtual reality website on the way for you to explore and there's even MORE colouring with a colouring competition!

Want to hear about it? Then read on you beautiful Hooman!

Explore Squibblesville in VR!

We're very excited to show you the early stages of Squibblesville being developed as a Virtual Reality Experience. Have you ever imagined being able to wander around Squibblesville and meet some of us along the way?

It's a little while off yet but once it's ready, you'll be able to put on a VR headset and immerse yourself in our world.

Don't have a headset? No problem, you can explore it in your browser, on your phone or computer too with other Hommans at the same time.

We will be making it available in Mozilla Hubs, so click the link to find out a bit more of what to expect.

Book Launch

We officially launched our brand new book Meet The Squibbles recently on AltspaceVR! We had a great audience attending and we even had a treasure hunt to find all the copies of Squibbles hidden around the world.

It was a great success and one of the first book launch events on the platform, so we were very happy about that!

We even made the Altspace News!

Smallfries Games 

We were recently shown lots of love by Smallfries Games over on Instagram, who did a fantastic post about Meet The Squibbles and also read the book live on their story.

Make sure to have a look at their posts and follow them because they are colourful, fun and filled with good feeling. They're a big hit here in Squibblesville!

Colouring Competition

Do you want to show off your colouring skills?

Northern Life are running a colouring competition and you can win a copy of Squibbles AND Meet The Squibbles. All you need to do is visit the link below and see what it's all about. We can't wait to see what you come up with!